Our mission is to level the playing field for small business owners as they approach their exit.

We empower business owners to protect, grow, and realize the value of their company through a network of trusted advisors, who we enable with a value assessment toolset for starting a strategic conversation with a business owner.​

About Value Builder
Value Builder Report 2024

It all starts with the Value Builder Report.

The Value Builder Report provides owners with an estimate of the value of their company and an action plan for improving it. Advisors charge 60% more once they incorporate the Value Builder Report into their sales process.

A complete marketing system.

Our marketing system features content created exclusively for business owners and is pre-tested and optimized using our proprietary panel of 25,000 business owners, resulting in 2x the open rates and 3x the clicks rates compared to industry averages.

A 12-module coaching platform.

The Value Builder Engagement is a coaching platform that provides a framework for helping your clients act on what they learn from the Value Builder Report. Advisors using the Value Builder coaching platform increase their clients’ estimate of value by up to 71%.

Our Trusted Clients

Allen Harris

Founder, BMM

“We weren’t ready as far as infrastructure goes, so we actually had to hide the content on our website until we could handle that flow of leads.”

Jason Hullender

Managing Dir., IAG

“When someone completes an assessment, we see higher levels of interest, with more of them turning into clients.” 

Chris Ayers

CEO & Founder, SP

“Value Builder helped us scale our practice. Leveraging the Value Builder Engagement in Masterminds generates a lot of revenue.”

Start Having More Strategic Conversations With Business Owners

A value assessment toolset that helps advisors start more strategic conversations with business owners.