Productizing Helped Paul Wirth Double his Close Rate and Increase Client Lifetime Value by 250%

Paul Wirth

President, Blueprint for Entrepreneurial Growth

Paul Wirth has over 35 years of experience in executive national leadership roles in finance, banking, and homebuilding for start-ups and Fortune 500 companies. He has also owned three different companies and has been responsible for sales and operations budgets up to $25 billion. Paul assists organizations by developing entrepreneurial blueprints for continued growth, helping them increase their companies’ profitability and value. His passion is to help business owners prepare their organizations for exit, one year or 20 years down the road.

Business Challenges

Before implementing Value Builder, Paul charged his clients per session, which became a flawed system. Clients would push meetings back or reschedule, making it difficult to predict his monthly earnings and miss out on potential revenue. Upon reflection, this was also a sign that many business owners didn’t see the ROI Paul provided. He needed a more substantial service that owners immediately saw value in to reduce rescheduled or canceled meetings.

In addition, as an advisor for over 35 years, Paul has incorporated various methodologies in his work with business owners. Paul needed a reliable diagnostic tool to help him decide which methodology was best for each client at the inception of an engagement. He sought to quantify weaknesses in a business to better instruct them on how to solve it. 

And lastly, Paul was successful at winning new clients but struggled to keep them as long-term customers. He needed a solution to increase client retention, helping him earn more per client. 

Why Value Builder?

One of the first steps of deploying Value Builder is to go through a comprehensive onboarding program. There, Paul learned the concept of productizing – turning services into a tangible and branded product. Paul applied this learning to his practice, branding his existing services into a single product called Entrepreneurial Blueprint. 

Pau also leveraged Value Builder’s wealth of business owner resources to strengthen his newfound product offering. This included hour of learning modules, tutorials, interactive exercises, and videos.

By repackaging his existing service and fortifying it with Value Builder tools, Paul felt confident changing his payment structure to a monthly retainer. This gave him the more predictable revenue he sought while also increasing it in the process. 

The Entrepreneurial Blueprint product is a collection of various tools and methodologies. While all are effective, some are best utilized for specific business owner problems. To solve his second challenge of diagnosing which tool to deploy to business owners, Paul leverages The Value Builder Questionnaire. This 34-question survey helps distinguish an owner’s strengths and weaknesses based on the 8 Key Drivers of Company Value. When owners complete the questionnaire, Paul can see which specific driver they scored low on, which helps him determine which specific tool will make the most impact. 

In addition, Value Builder gave Paul another reliable delivery mechanism for his advisory work through the Value Builder Engagement. This 12-module program is statistically designed to increase the value of a company and comes complete with tools, videos, and exercises. This gave Paul another product to sell. Organized as 12 unique modules, business owners can complete a year-long program. This naturally solved Paul’s next challenge of extending client lifecycles. 

The organized and structured nature of the engagement gave Paul more touchpoints with clients, offered greater value, and ultimately built stronger trust with each owner. With two robust products on his shelf, Paul sees a drastic decrease in canceled or rescheduled meetings. 


Value Builder has been instrumental to Paul’s success, saying, “It filled a gap in my approach when working with business owners. It’s helped me double my close rate, increase revenue per client by 60% in year one, and extend client engagements.”

In addition, in his first year using Value Builder, Paul generated the most revenue in his career. Furthermore, Paul’s addressed each of the challenges he sought to solve. He’s now proven the ROI of his services and has a much higher show rate for client meetings. Also, a more robust set of products helped increase his client’s lifetime value by 250%. 

Productizing his service and providing a longer-term engagement offering has also improved client retention by 50%. 

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