Quantify the ROI of your services.

Win more clients by helping business owners understand the current value of their company and how your services could maximize it.

Give owners an accurate valuation

Give prospects an estimate value of their business through a simple questionnaire.

Eliminate the guesswork

Perform “what-if” planning with pre-built scenarios or build customized scenarios.

Kickstart an action plan

Present owners with a personalized roadmap and a step-by-step process for improving their business.

"Giving my clients their estimate of value is a key differentiator that immediately sets me apart from the competition. It creates value at the inception of an engagement. It lets me quickly get to the heart of what each client wants and needs."

Linda Ratner

Founder, Ratner Consulting

Help owners maximize the value of their business

Leverage the business valuation calculator to differentiate yourself from competitors with real-time calculations and simple visuals, and quantify the ROI you provide.

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A value assessment toolset that helps advisors start more strategic conversations with business owners.